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Martin Ellingham (Doc Matin) played by Martin Clunes

Doctor Martin Ellingham (otherwise known as Doc Martin to the local people of Portwenn) is a former surgeon and now a GP to the fictional town of Portwenn. He quit his job in London as a surgeon because of his Hemaphobia. He has previously been engaged to two people: Dr. Edith Montgomery and Louisa Glasson, however at the end of series 4 he is not engaged but stays in Portwenn to support his new child. In the christmas special, Martin went to a 2 week course for being rude. he also hates dogs.


Doc Martin is a middle aged man who constantly has a sour look on his face. He wears nothing but suits of various colors and is always carrying his doctor's bag everywhere he goes, even during his off time.


Due to being raised by neglectful parents, Martin has grown into an emotionally stunted adult. He has problems showing or feeling emotion and is influenced more by logic, which has helped him in his profession to keep him calm in serious situations and become one of London's best surgeons, but also makes him come off as rude, blunt, arrogant, and anti-social. He is contantly vexed by the inhabitants of Portwenn, whom he views most as incompetent, though as time goes on he seems to accept their quirks to an extent.

The only person whom Martin has had a positive relationship with is his aunt from his father's side Joan. She acts as his confidante and helps him become accustomed to his new patients and also acts as a voice of reason when Martin's anti-social nature keeps him from helping people.

When he arrives at Portwenn, Martin meets a woman named Louisa Glasson, who is his opposite in nearly everyway and to whom he becomes attracted to and vice versa. Despite the two's less than successful interactions, the two rely on each other and nearly married once, but both got cold feet and called it off.

Martin's greatest weakness and reason for coming to Portwenn is that he began to suffer from Hemophobia during the surgery of a woman after seeing her family, who were clinging to her, with her before the surgery. The idea that the person he was operating on was more than just a body on a table to work on caused Martin to have a nervous breakdown and he made an error during the surgery, causing the woman to die.

Despite this, he remains a first rate diagnostician and is able to treat a far greater range of medical conditions than the average general practitioner.

Series 1Edit

Doc Martin was a surgeon in London. He saw a woman who he was about to operate on, and noticed how her family members clung to her. He was terrified to operate on her, and he was struck with the fear of possibly incurring severe judgment from the patient's family should he do anything wrong. This led to his development of heamophobia. He then becomes a General Practitioner of the village of Portwenn. He is constantly annoyed by the locals of Portwenn, and by his assistant Elaine. He falls in love with Louisa Glasson, a school teacher and member of the committee that interviewed him for the GP position. At the end of series 1 as he kisses her on the ride back of a taxi he comments about her bad breath as she pushes him out the car.