*****Spoiler Alert!!!*****

Another in a long line of “Doc Martin” comedic yet tragic characters, “Caroline Bosman” appeared in Seasons 1, 2, and 6 of the “Doc Martin” TV series.  She was played by English actress Felicity Montagu.

Introduced to the Doc just before the harbor-side “Portwenn Life Day” costume awards event (in Episode 1 of Season 1, “Going Bodmin”) Caroline is perhaps the primary (possibly the only) local radio disk jockey and talk show host on Radio Portwenn.  Martin later uses her live on-air talk show, to disastrous effect, in Episode 3 (“Sh*t Happens”) when he prematurely speculates on the likely source(s) of a mysterious outbreak of “tummy troubles” striking the local inhabitants.

Subsequently, In Episode 4 of Season 2, "Aromatherapy") she becomes one of the frequent innocent victims of the many disturbingly-serious medical conditions that constantly strike down Portwenn inhabitants.  Thought widely (but unfairly, as it turns out) to be just a drunk by the gossipy townsfolk, Martin eventually reveals that Caroline is, in fact, dangerously diabetic.  Her husband, Tom (Mark Buffery), leaves her (temporarily?) during that episode.

Arguably the funniest lines related to Caroline are delivered not by actress Montagu, but by her replacement Rosie Cavaliero (playing overly-enthusiastic radio personality “Melanie”) in Season 7's third episode ("It's Good to Talk").  In response to the Doc’s inquiry about the missing Caloline, Melanie offers in a whisper, “Yeah;…sectioned.”  Doc: “What!?”  Melanie, “Hm, hmm.  Whole family testified, apparently.”

Poor Caroline.